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ha, vast wasteland
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TeeVee is a site that talks about television. They've published two articles by Doug, so far. He's still trying to think of a subject for a third that won't force him to admit that he wishes Duckman was still in production.

The One-Hit Wonders Hit Back
(originally posted June 11, 1999)

Pop-Up Video is sort of fun, I'll admit. But what it is not, and I hate to disappoint the person who wrote to criticize this article when it first ran, is subversive. You don't need to deflate celebrity these days; Hugh Grant and Behind the Music (on the same network!) and the Internet have taken care of that.

Pop-Up Video is a smirking trivia contest between the producers and you, and the producers win every time. That's all. If you were really being subversive, you wouldn't be watching VH-1.

Shannen Doherty Died For Your Sins
(originally posted July 7, 1999)

This was around the time that Jerry Falwell was busy with one of his periodic reminders to anyone who would stuff a microphone in his face that we're all going to hell, and it may not all be due to television and popular music but let's just say that Satan doesn't exactly mind it if you watch Fox. It's a satirical piece, and all in all I see a few things I could have done better. I still like the "Wiccan Broadcasting" line, though.

sirilyan dotcom: articles: teevee.
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